Choose from our variety of silver, glass & wrought iron candelliers,vases, flower urns,
enter pieces, floor stands, base plates, decorations, taffeta and organza table runners,
hair covers and sashes, glassware and much more...

SILVER: Candelabra’s, Candle sticks, Under plates, Flower Containers, Ice Buckets, Table nr’s & Cake Stands

RUSTIC: Candelabra’s, Under Plates, Flower Containers, Table Nr’s, Easels, Podiums, Cake Stands & Urns

GLASS: Flower Containers, Under Plates, Candle Holders & Table Numbers

GOLD: Candelabra’s, Under Plates & Flower Containers

LINEN: Table Cloths, Serviettes, Overlays, Runners, Tie Backs & Chair covers.


For the Product Catalogue please click on this link Decor Products (pdf file) or Decor Products (excel doc)